The Exhausted Images Coming Out Of The US: What Exactly Are We Looking At?

Image by Sain de Livre

It’s another midnight, and the Donald prepares once again to hit that Tweeting bird in the comfort of his privacy. What next will come out of his virtual spasms is as good as anyone’s guess. After infamously condemning the “many sides” of the Charlottesville violent march, Trump has now revived an old bogus tale of American generals killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. He said this in a speech hours after the Barcelona attack yesterday. And, as both you and I predicted, a circulating Tweet soon followed: “Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught.”

What’s the relation between Trump’s unapologetic lack of rebuke toward the alt-right acts of terror in Charlottesville, and the spreading of a tale that sounds as though it came out of a racist novel written in 1927, is that Trump is painting a grim, barbaric image that boasts a tragic timelessness, and we’re all culpable of providing him the canvas.

Because yes, Trump being a racist or just lacking of any humanitarian empathy is old news. We knew that. What we didn’t quite know, was the weight his remarks and demeanour have on the public. We also knew that the US has a racism problem, but again, didn’t quite fathom how the lack of reasonable authority can so quickly drive the nation’s extremism into a state of chaos. In this political circus that is Trump’s mandate, it’s becoming apparent that Trump’s pathetic remarks do have a physical effect – no matter how often they are scolded by the media.

Picket signs reading “Jew will not replace us” and “Blood and soil” amid a cloud of white smoke, garden torches meant to repel mosquitos from back gardens held by a crowd of white, middle aged men and women but largely college students, and Trump’s flurry of incoherent Tweets. What once was a powerful mob of supremacism has now been reduced to almost Halloween-like images that feel outdated as soon as they hit the headlines. This image, although extreme and violent, is actually a movement surrounded by crumbling walls. It is only through a lens of developed values that this blinded hatred can be ridiculed, overthrown and returned back to the closed off blogs from which it appeared.

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